We offer four levels of care depending on the level of functioning and needs of our residents.

Personal Care Level I: Attended Independence ($3500-$4500)

Residents who are ambulatory, content, frail and elderly but are oriented to date, time, and place are characteristic of this category. These individuals are fairly independent and have no significant medical problems, i.e., cardiac, respiratory or cognitive issues. These residents may need assistance with medication reminders, nutrition, hygiene, and some supervision. Services include distribution of meds and monitoring for general health and well-being. Dietary management of a general type diet is also provided.

Personal Care Level II: Helpful Assistance ($4000-$5000)

Residents in this category have moderate health issue; cardiac, respiratory or cognitive issues, and some ambulatory problems, including wheelchair and or use of walkers or canes. This level may also include individuals with memory and orientation deficits, beginning dementia, and occasional incontinence issues. They should be able to perform some self-care but may require reminding or occasional assistance. These individuals may also have mild to moderate pain issues that require more intensive management. Services include assistance with bathing, supervision of hygiene and grooming, dietary management of special diets ordered by physician, and some minor incontinence management.

Personal Care Level III: Intensive Assistance ($5000-$6000)

Residents in this category include residents with more frequent incontinence of bladder and bowel. More assistance is needed with nutrition, management, bathing, toileting, and transfers. More advanced dementia with mild behavior management (night wanderers, abusive or violent residents, or those needing two person assistance with transfers or positioning is beyond the realm of care that we can provide).These residents may have more intensive pain issues and med management. This level of care may also include residents who require more care and monitoring related to physician ordered treatments for skin care, dressing changes, catheterizations or diabetic type needs for daily or frequent injections. More intensive behavior management for cognitive impairments may be necessary. Any resident consistently requiring nighttime assistance more than once a night automatically fits in this level of care. This is due to the increased cost involved if night staff is unable to get five hours of uninterrupted sleep. This is related to Washington State Wage and Hour Laws for Adult Family Homes. Again, this only applies to residents needing extenuating circumstances may cause a resident to require occasional nighttime assistance may cause a resident to require occasional nighttime assistance those individuals do not automatically fit in this level unless they have other needs consistency that would place in this higher level of care.

Personal Care Level IV: Hospice Assistance Or Residents Who Are Bedbound (rates will be assessed on a case-by-case basis)

Clients who are facing life-threatening illness without a cure are included in this category. Hospice provides for the special needs of dying with an emphasis on pain management to allow the client to live each day as fully as possible. The Hospice program carries out doctor’s orders by skilled and compassionate caregivers utilizing pain control and comfort. Hospice care works with the family, friends, relatives, responsible parties and professional medical personnel in the adult family home. Hospice care that requires extra staff will be in charge to resident.

Note: Rates are subject to change at any time that the level of personal care changes. If a resident declines and requires increased hands-on assistance, then the rates will increase accordingly. Likewise, should a resident improve and/or become increasingly independent, then the rate will decrease accordingly. Rate changes are never made without at least a 14-day notice.

Adult Family Home Disclosure of Services

To gain a better understanding about our services, you may refer to our Adult Family Home Disclosure of Services.