Life Hack: Top 3 Basic Needs of Seniors

Life Hack: Top 3 Basic Needs of Seniors

Do you live with a senior? If so, this blog can come in handy for you. As the leading Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington, we would like to share with you the basic necessities of the elderly population and what you can do about it.

  1. A well-balanced meal
    Seniors need a good diet to stay healthy and strong. However, some elders do not have the strength to cook for themselves because of their health conditions. With that, you have to lend an extra hand to prepare them a nutritious meal. If you are in a hurry, healthy and easy meals like oatmeal, poached eggs, and wholegrain pancakes are highly recommended.
  2. Good hygiene
    Bathing can be a challenge for seniors experiencing balance and mobility problems. Because of this, they need someone to give them assistance whenever it is bathing time. Protect them from acquiring disease when you help them maintain good personal hygiene!
  3. Vitamins and dietary supplements
    Some seniors may forget about their maintenance which may lead to certain adverse effects. To avoid this from happening, you can remind them when it is time to take their medication. You can also use an alarm clock and notebook to keep you on track.

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