Your Health According to Your Teeth

Your Health According to Your Teeth

As an Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington, we believe that healthy life practices can result in healthy wellbeing no matter what age and stage we are in life. Hence, we provide quality care to our residents in every aspect of their care needs, including their oral health. Along with that, it is very interesting to note that the health condition of our teeth can also reveal significant indications of our overall health.

Indeed. Your teeth can show signs of underlying ailments in your body that may not have been diagnosed yet. Consider the following:

  • Swollen, Bleeding Gums
    Bleeding gums that are also swollen are often occurring in a person with diabetes. In fact, according to the CDC, when a person poorly manages their diabetes, their risk of acquiring complex gum problems also doubles. The reason is that diabetes lowers a person’s immune system, which protects them from bacterial infections at the gum area. For your loved one who needs proper oral care assistance, our Residential Care team is ready to help.
  • Cracked, Crumbling Teeth
    This dental condition appears to be normal for an older adult. However, not all of these teeth disintegration is caused by age. Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is another trigger of the breaking down of one’s teeth due to the acid that makes its way up to the esophagus and mouth starting from the stomach. When teeth disintegration is experienced, meet with your dentist right away to have the correct diagnosis and treatment.
  • Mouth Sores
    Especially the mouth sores that are frequently occurring and don’t have the pink color, this could be a sign of oral cancer. This type of cancer poses a higher risk on seniors or those who smoke. The reason that persistent mouth sores should be taken seriously is that, if it is indeed oral cancer, the prognosis can be very low. Hence, if you know someone who repeatedly experiences these sores, refer them to their dentist right away for an earlier evaluation.
  • Receding Gums, Loose Tooth
    These occurrences are early signs of osteoporosis, which, when not diagnosed very soon, can eventually lead to bone fractures. Tooth loss and receding gum lines are easily noticed by a dentist on routine exams. They can also identify changes in the bones supporting the teeth, which indicates early osteoporosis. When this is found, it is an indication that bones have already weakened.
  • Plaque, Swollen Gums
    When plaques build up on the teeth, there’s a tendency for a heart attack to also happen. The reason is that the same bacteria that causes dental plaques can also get into the bloodstream which triggers the thickening of the arteries and heart problems. Consequently, the risks of heart disease and stroke are high.

As a Senior Care Home in Washington, we encourage you to properly take care of your teeth so further health benefits can also be reaped. Meanwhile, if you would like to know more about our care services, contact us at Mercy Family Home LLC.

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