The 5 E’s of Aging the Healthy Way

The 5 E’s of Aging the Healthy Way

Aging is an interesting season of life. Some take it fearfully, while others look forward with excitement. At Mercy Family Home LLC, we do our best to provide the best assistance for our senior loved ones so that the aging season can always be highlighted with a silver lining. Indeed, it can be peppered with challenges – mobility issues, risks of falls, isolation – but with a healthy body and a healthy mindset, there’s always beauty in the golden years of life.

As a leading Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington, we recommend the following tips to age in the healthiest way that you can because we know it is possible.

  1. Embrace your aging season

    There’s liberty when we embrace the things we have no control over. Aging is one of these things. Instead of being apprehensive about the joint pains or the possibility of living alone, cultivate a mindset of positivity. Think about the many opportunities and strengths you have in this season and you can make great investments especially at this time.

  2. Engage insufficient sleep

    Everybody needs to sleep well, but our senior loved ones can benefit from it even more. When we sleep right, our body is given sufficient time to replenish its strength, reviving the cells to work for the following day. To maintain your vigor, invest in quality sleep of at least 7-9 hours each night.

  3. Eat balanced meals

    The healthy body begins with healthy meals. Strive to maintain the right balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, and protein essentials in your meals. In our Residential Care facility, we always see to it that our residents are eating nutritious meals so they can take advantage of the aging season even more.

  4. Exercise right

    The minimum requirement for starters is 30 minutes each day. This means that if you only decide to start exercising in the senior age, it shouldn’t really be that difficult to transition. Additionally, performing exercise is also easily achievable as walking around the block of the neighborhood. Above all these, the right exercises strengthen a senior person’s balancing skills, alertness, and bones, preserving them from fall risks.

  5. Enjoy nurturing relationships

    The relationships we invest in can bring us up or pull us down, depending on how nurturing they are. However, we can play our part in being nurturers so that these relationships will thrive in time. Good relationships allow us to have healthy emotions and mental wellness, thus pushing depression at bay. In the senior years, the healthy mind is the best ally of the healthy body.

What challenges of aging are you striving to overcome today? Our Senior Care Home in Washington is able to shelter you through these challenges so that you can be productive and dignified through the silver-haired days. Would you like to know further how we can be of assistance to you? Keep in touch!

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