When Is It Time for Seniors to Transfer to a Care Home?

when-is-it-time-for-senior-to-transfer-to-a-care -home

In the course of time, the care needs of seniors can increase. Their activities for daily living such as bathing or dressing can become challenging so that they will need someone to assist them with these. Meanwhile, cooking their own food may no longer be safe for them for certain reasons and so someone else should prepare it for them. These are just some indicators that families should take to consider when it’s high time to look for a Senior Care Home in Washington.

However, there are still more pressing reasons that you should take a look to make sure that your aging loved one does need to stay in another care facility that also feels like their own home. Consider the following:

  • Senior Isolation
    As the aging challenges increase, such as mobility issues and health difficulties, going out and meeting with others can be difficult for seniors. This level of isolation can result in mental health issues such as loneliness and depression. When your loved one is depressed, they will lose their perspective of keeping on, and this can affect their relationships. However, when they’re constantly exposed and engaged with others, their sense of loneliness is abated, and the risks of depression are reduced. This is the kind of environment we provide in our Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington.
  • Untidy Living Conditions
    As you visit your aging parent in their own home, you will always check how they’re doing and whether the place is still conducive for them. When you see a lot of clutter around, especially things such as unwashed dishes on the sink, you know that the place is no longer ideal for them. This simply means that your loved one’s ability to care for themselves is declining. This is an important sign that getting help for your aging loved one is necessary. When in-home help is not sufficient for their condition, do consider moving them into a Residential Care facility.
  • Lacking Hygiene
    Poor hygiene condition is another key indicator that your senior family member is not in their ideal state at home. They have not been combing their hair. They have not taken a bath. Their smell is unpleasant. These issues should not be overlooked as they mean that the senior is facing mobility difficulties such that they can no longer function as they used to. They can lack the motivation due to changes in their health conditions or other losses. When their personal hygiene is already not attended to, getting help for your loved one should be on top of your list.

The decision to move to a care home can be a major issue to settle among family members. It’s important that you gently and properly convince your aging loved one so that they will feel you’re looking out for their best. When it comes to that, your loved one is always welcome at Mercy Family Home LLC.

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